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“We aren’t human beings leading spiritual lives, we are spiritual beings leading human lives.”
– Teilhard de Chardin

Holistic Hypnosis & Trance-Personal Journeys!

Spiritual Journeys can take many forms, from personal mystical experiences out in nature to group seminars in organized formats to wild shamanic events in the deep forests. I present here some of my interests and specialties. Consider the Possibilities!


Curiosity about the “afterlife” is an ancient exploration. Many cultures and religions have contributed to this perennial discussion, and debate. Terms such as the bardo, limbo, purgatory, nirvana, and even Heaven refer us to these ancient contemplations and speculations.

But what really happens — to us and to all sentient beings — after we pass on to the other side? We can be told by very gifted psychics about who we were and where we have been, but wouldn’t it be fascinating to recall these meta-memories ourselves?

Along the way we will confront the eternal questions:

  • Is there life after death? If so, where do we go when we leave this earthly form?
  • What is our purpose here on earth?
  • What is this thing called “soul?” Do we have a higher self or spirit?
  • Do we have spirit guides or angels, and how do they work with us?
  • What about karma? Are we fated to follow some path or destiny, and to meet certain people that bring some karmic connections and life lessons? Do we have a soul mate? or twin souls?

Reincarnation literally means “to enter the flesh again.” Spirit animates form, or the physical body. Karma (action) seems to go hand in hand with reincarnation so that we meet, in life, what we have created, thought, judged, and/or “caused” in our past. In other words, we are constantly meeting ourselves in our journey through life. Interpersonally we are meeting souls who we have known before. Our past experiences with them–both good and bad, pleasant or unpleasant–come back into our present existence so that we can learn, grow and heal those interconnections. These are called karmic relationships and probably help explain the dynamics we have experienced with our parents, relatives and loved ones (and that irritating boss or colleague!).

Reincarnation is a fascinating study. By utilizing a safe hypnotic state, one can get in touch with visual, auditory, and/or emotional recall of past lives that have relevance to this life today. Origins of karmic connections, talents, phobias and inclinations can be found. Past life regressions hypnotically access our meta-memories of these people, places, interests and activities.

This then is the journey: Through altered states of consciousness, induced by various hypnotic and alpha techniques, we can “sense” images and perceptions of our past lives and of our life between lives!

Please join me as we mutually explore the great spiritual journey of your own soul. I also offer life between lives spiritual integration sessions – described elsewhere.
I offer individual, couple and group sessions to help people recollect their past life memories…. spiraling round and round through many lives…

Past life Regression sessions with Stephen:

Individual – Explore past life memories with a safe hypnotic process. The therapy is found by working with the material and with the spiritual dimensions of forgiveness, understanding, and love. In person, of course; recorded for you digitally. This journey usually takes from 2 to 3 hours. All sessions recorded for you at no extra cost.

Couple – I have developed a specific technique for couples wanting to explore their past links together! A simulcast, as it were! This journey usually takes from 2 to 3 hours.

Group – Experiential class and group regression that will explore past life themes in a safe and comfortable setting. This can be an independent program or included in a larger event or multiple day program. This journey usually takes about 3 or 4 hours.

Important information about Past Life Regressions

What to Expect — and being realistic:

Some people learn to swim, or ride a bicycle, on the very first try. Some people are naturally good at math. This acquisition of a new skill is more likely with a good and experienced teacher. The purpose of the trance session is to connect with one’s higher self, and with the goal of recalling a past life and the times between. I am an experienced hypnotherapist with many successes; however, there may be other reasons why one does not immediately attune to a past life regression.

Once one has reached a reasonable and comfortable trance state, some people describe a floating feeling, but no movement in any direction. Other clients describe a clearer association with their present body, which may feel especially heavy or peculiar; Again, no movement away from the here and now. In the majority of cases, this is a sign, from one’s own unconscious, to focus upon the present life, the issues of today.
We then must switch gears, as it were, and find out what needs attention. It could be a health issue, a relationship, or professional stress–but something needs to be resolved here before we can continue to a past life regression, and beyond.

This could be an opportunity for a trance-personal journey — TPJ, a spiritually inspired integration session that could effectively deal with the present life issue from a soul level overview.

Trance-personal Journeys

This method also utilizes a hypnotic induction to allow you a deeper connection with your spiritual essence. From here the journey may take you to magical places beyond time and space, somewhat like an awakened dream, but more intense; for instance, one can go to Mount Olympus, where you will converse with the Gods of old, or the planets/gods (this I call astro-hypnosis); or you may attune to images from the Tarot – from the Major Arcana (Magician, High Priestess) for instance; or, why not commune with Buddha or the Christ? or Angels?!

An imaginative journey? This is a therapeutic technique which can have profound effects on your life, for you will be aligning your Higher Self (your Spirit or Soul) with the dynamic Creative Forces of the Universe. Who knows better about you than the wise being, the soul, within?! One might have the opportunity to bond with – or even rescue – one’s inner child, or to scan the emotional body and rid oneself of unwanted attachments, false notions and unwanted guests. Clear it out! Be your own psychic, your own guide and inspiration! Mostly this is a matter of attuning to our Higher Selves or Souls, who in turn have spirit guides. Beautiful.

Thus, if one does not go into a past life regression during the session, it may be time to deal with one’s present life, via a spiritual over-view. I trust that one’s higher self, one’s soul, knows what to do and how to guide, so I do my best to aid the client to attune to this dynamic inner resource, and let the magic happen. If we can achieve this level of trance, and deal with the immediate issues, then it is probably safe to assume we can move on to the past life regression in the following session.

After a successful journey into a past life, one may wish to explore further:

Life Between Lives Integration sessions with Stephen:

Inspired by the work of Dr. Michael Newton and others, we go on a spiritual hypnotic journey to those experiences of our souls between earthly incarnations! Meet your guide(s), your soul group, the wise Elders, the great library of Akasha, places of healing, karmic relationships, and then those times of choosing this earthly incarnation. Yes, your life and family. The spiritual ones. Oh yes, and Your purpose. This multi-faceted experience can take almost twice as long as a past life regression, and can be more effective after having experienced a PLR. Many people describe this as a blessed experience.

Are you ready?

I was the International Director of The Michael Newton Institute for Life Between Lives Hypnotherapy.

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