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Ursula Demarmels, CHt, LBLt, B.Msc., is well known in the German-speaking countries and beyond, as an experienced specialist in Past Life Spiritual Regressions as well as Life Between Lives Integration sessions. She is a university teacher of Hypnosis, Relaxation Techniques and Stress Management and lives in the beautiful Salzburg Lake District in Austra. Her book "Wer war ich im Vorleben? Die positive Wirkung Spiritueller Rückführungen" is available in five languages and has reached bestsellers status in "Meditation & Spirituality", "Lessons & Wisdom", "Religion & Faith", "Reincarnation", “”Esoterics” and "Buddhism". Numerous media reports regard Ursula Demarmels as Europe’s most renown regression expert. Her TV documentary programs on historically verifiable past life regressions so far were seen by over 45 Million viewers. Some of her videos can be seen at

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* Ursula just published the English translation of her first book in 2015. Look for Spiritual Regression for peace and healing! On Amazon and elsewhere, but you can order through her.

The photo on the left shows Ursula with me during the Los Angeles LBL Training course in 2004.




Traditional and Spiritual Regression (Life-Between-Lives) Hypnotherapy with David M. Pierce, CHT- A.C.H.E. Certified Hypnotherapist, member of the National Association of Transpersonal Hypnotherapists, the Michael Newton Institute for Hypnotherapy, and certified in Spiritual Integration Hypnotherapy with Dr. Michael Newton. David is a singer, composer and wit.

You can find him on the web at

Picture of Dave & I in California, 2005. >





Dorothea Fuckert, M.D., is certified psychotherapist, hypnotherapist and orgone therapist. Her soul's main intent is spiritual healing, working as a healer for the IAOH (International Agency of Outstanding Healers) and for the connected charity "Ways out - Mental healing for incurable children". Dorothea is giving Spiritual Integration/LBL-Regression, trained by The (Michael) Newton Institute USA. She is teaching and writing internationally, being co-director of the Wilhelm Reich Institute with husband Manfred Fuckert, M.D. a doctor of classical homeopathy. They are living in Waldbrunn, Germany, an hour from the beautiful city of Heidelberg. You may reach Dr. Fuckert under 0049-6274-929377,



Univ.-Prof. Dr. Gerhard W. Hacker. Renowned Salzburg medical biologist with more than 300 biomedical publications. Together with his wife, Ursula Demarmels, he wrote the book "Die neue Dimension der Gesundheit: Ganzheitlicher Schutz vor belastenden Umwelteinflüssen. Ein Ratgeber aus wissenschaftlicher und spiritueller Sicht."(SüdWest Publishing / Random-House, Munich). In the U.S.A., Prof. Hacker has published several textbooks on immunohistochemical and biochemical diagnosis of cancer. With the molecular morphologic techniques developed by him, he managed the world's first direct detection of single molecules of specific gene sequences in microscopic preparations. For over 25 years he worked in cancer-and virus-diagnostic research in Salzburg, London, Sweden, China and the United States. He founded the Research Institute for Fundamental and Frontier Questions of Medicine and Biotechnology at the University Hospital of Salzburg. Prof. Hacker was a guest professor in the U.S. and China, participated in radio, television and documentary film productions and lectures throughout the world. Many times he was honored for the high quality of his research and his humanitarian efforts, including the Grand Decoration of Honour for Services to the Republic of Austria. Website of his new Institute for Frontier Questions of Life:

 Christine Neillands DCH DHP GHR reg has been a registered Clinical Hypnotherapist since 1994 training at 

The London College of Clinical Hypnosis, Birkbeck College, University of London where she qualified with distinction. She is also trained in HypnoBirthing® and EFT, a non-invasive meridian therapy.

 Practicing in southern England -

Holistic Options


The Center for Integrative Medicine  in Washington, DC, associated with George Washington University Medical Center. Also listed as


Are we ready for World transformation? New Civilization Network

Human Awareness Institute

Read This Book!  Spontaneous Evolution: Our Positive Future (and a Way to Get There from Here) 

 by Bruce H. Lipton and Steve Bhaerman (above is an Amazon link, but you can find it locally, or order it.)

Places to enliven your brain:



The Lord's Chapel  (TLC) A place of inspiration in Winchester, VA!

The Land Celebration for gatherings and special events, in northern Virginia, near the WV border


Astrological & Metaphysical Links

What does your Birthdate say about you?

   International astrological organizations online. They are:
ISAR:  www.stars.arg/isar/

Lois Rodden inspired the AstroDatabank - now a wiki project and growing; celebrity birthdays and more began by the late Lois Rodden, a recognized astrological researcher with high standards for data.

Kepler College - a celestial education Located in Washington state. Certificates of learning via regional and distance learning, mentoring and deepening one's astrological understanding.

Mystic Home  - The metaphysical home page of Stephen Russell Poplin, M.A. - on astrology, divination and divine intuition. Services and opportunities for readings and programs.

Stephanie Austin M.A. is an astrological counselor, teacher, and writer with thirty-five years experience in the healing arts.

Free Will Astrology  - Rob Brezsny's witty and insightful commentary; this site is loaded, and inspiring.

Something else ...

Stephen Poplin's Everyday Oracle: E-Oracle



Cycles, Time and Astronomy

Calendars through the Ages "The schedule of our lives is shaped by the movements of the earth, moon, and sun. In ancient Rome, a priest observed the sky and announced a new moon cycle to the king. For centuries afterward, Romans referred to the first day of each new month as Kalends (from their word calare, which means "to proclaim”). The word calendar derived from this custom."

The Nine Planets A Multimedia Tour of the Solar System - astronomy, pictures and more

Solar System Exploration - Nasa

NASA pics; like Eclipse of the Sun

Astronomy Picture of the Day Archive



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