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“To understand is to perceive patterns.”
– Sir Isaiah Berlin

The Celestial Spheres, Cosmic Communication and the Great Questions

The Mysteries are found in the not so obvious. They are found in the subtle, profound, in the hidden or obscure, in the in-between and behind the scene. Just as biology and physiology can describe the minute complex and miraculous life mechanisms within the body, so does metaphysics describe the amazing dynamics found in Life, Love and Spirit.

This is, and has been, the ultimate University without Walls. The library is condensed into the sacred texts of many cultures and religions, and enlivened in the open textbooks of Nature. The classroom is carried with us. Those who have eyes to see and ears to hear can receive the divine teachings. Oftentimes we need to leave the halls of academia to find the truth. The professors are children, strangers, birds, cats, bees and flowers—all of LIFE teaches.
But … we have to read between the lines.

Oftentimes that which is said is not that which is intended. Freudian slips surprise us with meaning. Dreams tell us of awakening. Synchronicity reminds us that we are not alone in the Divine Communication. Look beyond the obvious.

This website is dedicated to encouraging the seekers along the Path. It is meant as a humble reminder that Beauty and Truth are woven into our Everydayness. Breathe it in. Affirm it. And don’t forget to enjoy it!

I turn my gaze now to one of my favorite topics, Astrology.

Astrology is a very old and honored art…or is it a science? If left to the skeptics, it would be banned. If used wisely, it can make this complex sojourn upon Earth easier to comprehend. It will also aid you in your pursuit of growth and happiness. Let me tell you a little bit about the mystery behind the Mysteries and, as simply as I can at this time, “how” divination works—which applies to Tarot, numerology, palmistry, dream interpretation, etc.


We need to learn to set our course by the stars,
not by the lights of every passing ship.

– Omar Nelson Bradley

When someone wishes to know more about one’s self—interests, hobbies, opportunities, career, love, romance, spirit—one can use a tool of divination (root word = divine) to “reflect back” to you things about your multi-faceted Self. These tools have ancient origins and have been developed by different cultures at different times. Diviners, augers, and metaphysicians seek out signs and omens and “read” them to answer the many questions of Life.
All of these “tools” have a few things in common:

Symbols have been devised and created to have specific meanings
Time aligns with circumstance and forms coincidences, which are no mistakes at all. In other words, these coincidences, or synchronicities (a word coined by Dr Carl Jung, the noted analyst and scholar), occur at meaningful times, very much like a great conversation going on just beyond the limits of the conscious mind.
Behind these oftentimes astounding messages, insights and lessons is an amazing Life Force with a vast Intelligence.
Thus, it is all a divine communication with a Great Spirit, or God, and Its many manifestations! Throughout history, sensitive or intuitive individuals have had revelations and mystical experiences that explained some aspect of this cosmic order. These people, living in various cultures, then developed different symbols and meanings over time to aid in that continuing divine communication. As the ancient Greeks declared, God does not speak in some verbal language, but communicates through signs and symbols.

Astrology follows the planets and their relative positions and has compiled, over time, meanings to the ever-changing movements and cycles of the Universe. Numerology uses numbers, Palmistry the lines on your hands, I-Ching the throw of coins or sticks, the Tarot uses cards, etc. And here is the wild and revolutionary truth … they all work!
Right now in Africa a religious elder is using carved bones and looking for unique patterns in the toss. A lady in California turns over a Tarot card and sees the future. After many years of study I have concluded that whatever “system” one wants to use is fine with the Divine. Indeed, some people use prayer and contemplation; some observe their dreams. There are many ways to the divine.

* Beware of those who say that this cannot be done and that the Word of the Lord is set down and complete already and that you are not privy to personal communications and new revelations. They are coming from fear and ignorance and they want you to follow them blindly. They will lead you from God.

An ancient system of divination that has spoken to me over the years is astrology. Specifically, an astrology reading takes the time, date and place of birth and a horoscope is calculated that gives a description of probable characteristics about who you are and where you might be going.

An intuitive reader perceives and “reads” the horoscope and makes interpretations of the many dimensions of the present as well as note the options for the future, keeping in mind one’s free-will decisions.

Let us search the skies for meaning.
As the astrologer notes the position of the transiting planets, it is always good to keep a few things in mind:

There are fascinating alignments in the skies every season and every year. Mundane, or political, and predictive astrologers usually pay more attention to the relatively rare configurations. There are some prognosticators who make grand statements about these celestial events, and it is important to sift the amazing declarations against the actual facts and events, as well as to ascertain the motivation of the soothsayer. 😉

When there are patterns, or close alignments in space and time; or if there are other events that point in the same direction, this would confirm the pattern and we are probably on to something. For instance, in the first few days of September, 2005, there was a visible alignment after sundown of Venus and Jupiter in the sign of the Scales, Libra. This could point towards works of art, exhibitions, publications of merit, important events in Law (Libra the scales, remember), and issues and lessons around relationships and diplomacy. On the same day of the exact alignment, Sep 2, slow moving and ponderous Pluto stationed and turned Direct (which means its apparent movement in the skies stopped regressing and moved forward in Sagittarius). This extra piece of cosmic information pointed towards a particular pattern that added a distinct twist to the otherwise benevolent alignment of Venus and Jupiter; The lord of the Underworld was tugging on the scales. Zeus/Jupiter, the sky god, got to turning, and Hurricane Katrina swept up to Louisiana and New Orleans. Floods, deprivations, deaths, and the dark side of humanity emerged in criminal behavior, opportunism, theft, rape and murder. It was near chaos – the scales of law and order were tipped and the weight of a hundred years of black/white tension, of poor/rich distinction, and of bad/good dichotomy were present for all to see. Charges of corruption, neglect and ineptitude were leveled at George Bush (Pluto hidden scandals brought to light with Venus justice). Miles away a Supreme Court Justice died – William Rehnquist: an egotistical man who would have voted against the Civil Rights laws if he were on the bench at the time. A man who put George Bush in the presidency. (Did he soon find himself before a greater court? One can speculate.)

What of the positive effects of Venus and Jupiter? There were many stories of heroes, generosity, charity, and good will. Donations came from around the world. Compassion and sympathy were cited around the globe. All in the stars? Note that different people responded in distinct ways to the same planetary configurations. All of these alignments and perspectives are easier to see after the fact, but the elements were all there to read at any time…. for those who have eyes to see and ears to hear.

To make more use of these celestial messages for you personally (and you Do want that, yes?), it is Very worthwhile to have a working knowledge of your horoscope, or at least to recognize the sensitive degrees in your birthchart. Free astrology calculations are to found online; and make use of your local astrologers, for heaven’s sake! For instance, the Solar eclipse on July 11, 2010, occurs at 19° Cn 24′ (19 degrees Cancer 24 minutes). To To make use of this event, find where 19 degrees Cancer is in your chart – note the House – and compare the sensitive degrees of 18, 19, 20 or 21 Anything/anywhere in your chart and you may find an aspect. Consider an aspect the line of communication between planets. On a solar eclipse, the Moon passes before the face of the Sun, bringing a shadow upon the Earth (in particular regions, of course). Symbolically, what might it mean if the warm Sun, or generous Spirit, is gone from your life for a time? The degree will point specifically towards a person, situation or area of life to observe this shadow or doubt or withdrawal. The House will describe the area of concern: home, health, friends, job, partner, etc.

Star Struck

Roots of present flirtation with AI … which promised more clarity and efficiency but seems to have a shadow side. From the solar eclipse on 14 December 2020 to the Grand Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn on that winter Solstice (!), were we prepared for that sonic thrust of Sagittarian enthusiasm to Capricorn pragmatism to Aquarian innovations?! The shift will last centuries. This could indeed be the turning point, and a fitting end to the year that was, 2020. Stephen Poplin invites viewers and cosmic seekers to consider the big picture. He presented this at the Asheville Astrology Group via zoom.

There was great interest in the year 2012, mostly due to the Mayan prophecies of the end of the great calendar. As the prognosticators focused upon earth changes and cataclysms, they over-looked a fascinating double alignment of a “Venus eclipse.” In June of 2004 the planet that the Mayans paid close attention to, Venus the feathered serpent, passed exactly before the face of the Sun. This rare alignment will not occur again in our lifetime. Astronomers around the world were peering through their instruments and making calculations. 8 years later, in June 2012 – within days of the first alignment, Venus again passed in front of the solar light; is this what the Mayans were referring to? Yes indeed. One month before that rare celestial passing an article appeared in an academic journal describing the discovery of an ancient Mayan cave filled with astronomical calculations. A coincidence? I don’t think so.

There is much to consider (a word that tells us of the stars, by the way – con = with + sider = constellation; or with the stars), but patience along the way, oh stargazer, you will get the hang of it.

I am a professional astrologer and teacher. If you are interested in an astrological chart, we start with your birth data: time, date and place of birth. We may need to rectify your chart for an accurate time. Then we will set up a time to do the astrological interpretation, over the phone, zoom or Skype (so that we can use real time for your questions). I record our conversation digitally and send it to you.

If you are interested in classes, tutorials and coaching, please contact me. If we get a group of students together for a seminar, I am very willing to travel.

Stephen Poplin, M.A.

  • spiritual astrologer
  • philosophical consultant, writer and teacher
  • trance-personal hypnotherapist– and Life Between Lives integration therapist

The philosophy of divination: Follow this link to a fascinating study of the hidden structure behind unusual phenomena, strange coincidences, and cosmic communication. The ideas presented will make it easier to comprehend the overall pattern of this site…. as well as help explain the mysteries behind para-psychology, synchronicities, symbology and intuition. I also have some interesting Links to guide you on this fascinating path.

Stay tuned!

We are stardust, we are golden, … and we’ve got to get ourselves back to the Garden.

Stephen Russell Poplin,

Metaphysical Services

To learn more about the types of services Stephen offers, please visit the Metaphysical Services page.

Suggested Reading

There are many good books out there on the subject of astrology. A good one to start with is “The Inner Sky” by Steven Forrest. Books on astrology by Liz Greene, Donna Cunningham, Michel Gaugelin, Noel Tyl, Bernadette Brady, and Derek and Julia Parker are recommended too.

For great insights into life and spirit, the books derived from the Edgar Cayce Readings are worth their while. Jeremy Taylor is an excellent resource for Dream studies. He’s got a book or two out. Be on the lookout for Cosmos & Psyche by Richard Tarnas.

Happy reading.

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