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“Wisdom begins in wonder.”
 – Socrates

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Good news! Gute Nachrichten!
My books have been published.

   A manual for living disguised as a book on reincarnation! Volumes 1 & 2. Take a look, and don’t forget to review and share.

The term Transpersonal refers to the inter-connectedness of Life, Spirit, and Consciousness. It is the 4th wave of modern psychology, putting the soul or spirit back into the basic meaning found in the word itself. We are witness to the world wide web, an interconnecting, multi-faceted technological marvel. There are corresponding intuitive lines of communication in the unseen world too; lines of meaning, karma, learning and love.

We are all connected – circles interlocking and overlapping with other spheres, with other beings, with other’s interests, with Nature, with the Cosmos, and with the Great Spirit. The mystics and inspired philosophers of all ages have spoken of it – this expansiveness of sentient life and the material world, a world full of meaning, if only we look, hear and sense.

My social contribution, and this website, is dedicated to inspired truths, profound philosophies, and the mysteries that have been carefully passed down through the centuries. Ancient techniques and insights have been updated and rejuvenated to apply to our world today. The aim is this: how can we apply the collected wisdom for better living on this lovely planet called Gaia/ Earth?


Thomas More coined the word utopia during the Renaissance. It meant “no place or no where” but it was really his indirect way of suggesting social and governmental changes. I have chosen to use the word eutopia, which has a bit more hope in it, for it means “true or good place.” This topic will take us to many areas, for we are a unique and complicated life form—with the ability to create heaven or hell here on earth. If we are truly free and independent agents, I would prefer to choose life, harmony, reverence and quality as some guiding principles. How about you?

See my Philosophy section to dig into this subject. I have several links to inspiring and innovative groups and ideals.

What matters to me:
Consciousness, writing and reading, social awareness, eutopian concepts, brain storming, conscious communities, cycles and symbols, cultural creativity, metaphysics, international travel, media directed in life-affirming directions, life coaching, mysticism, comparative religions, astrology, reincarnation, drama therapy, and acting as if all sentient life mattered. Did I mention dancing and photography?

“Ideals are like stars:
you will not succeed in touching them with your hands,
but like the seafaring man on the ocean desert of waters,
you choose them as your guides,
and following them,
you reach your destiny.”

– Carl Schurz

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Stephen Russell Poplin,

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Welcome to my website. There are several pages and links on a variety of subjects and ideals, from spirituality to metaphysics, and journeys into altered states and cosmic considerations for our lives here on the earth plane. Enjoy.


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