Blessed Be the Activists

… one of the problems or weaknesses with the Occupy Wall Street (nationwide) is that making money and profit is not illegal. Plus, are all of the families in the 1% guilty? etc. This creates dragons as culprits and dragons are hard to find and catch.

However, many of the same people who steal and lie and manipulate were also involved with the immoral Iraq War and various other crimes under the Bush regime.

Smoke & Mirrors >> Here we have names and dates and illegal acts. As most of these hypocrites are Republicans, the indictments would strike at the center of this myopic party and thus could cripple them for decades.

The facts are in my book (there are many other good books, but this is my contribution).

So, take a look, share the ideas, let us move forward … with a good plan.

Smoke & Mirros

I wrote this book several years ago

Category: Mystery & Crime, mass hypnosis and politics

Description: A hypnotist counts us collectively back to 2000 – where it all began. “We were mesmerized, hypnotized and bamboozled.” It was all a deceptive show, performed through the tricks of Smoke & Mirrors. Mr Paine, hypnotist, social philosopher and activist, uses cutting edge investigations – and a sharp pin – to pop the fantasy bubble/babble that fooled a nation into believing that the candidate who came in second, won the race. Look past the barrage of Bushspeak, sound bites, slanted news and spin-meisters and see HOW it was done. “Wake up from the trance: we were, as a people and a nation, hood-winked into surrendering the highest office in the land.” The crime, treason, points to what we need to do now – what we should have done years ago. The solution is clear: We need to overcome our timidity, uncertainty and fear, and stand up for the right thing; namely, fixing the damage. There is a new administration, but the crimes under Bush go unpunished. Isn’t it about time?

Publisher: Stephen Paine

Year published: 2007 – and still relevant

If you would like to download the E-Book, complete with hundreds of links, here it is: Smoke & Mirrors download

Special provocative edition – share with the world

Dedicated to Thomas Paine, Benjamin Franklin and the brave founders of a new experiment in government.

blessings all around,


For a metaphysical slant on things, take a look at the Tarot reading of the bailout.

“The ambassador and the general were briefing me on the vast majority of Iraqis want to live in a peaceful, free world. And we will find these people and we will bring them to justice.”