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Good news! Gute Nachrichten!
 My books on the spiritual path have been published. “Inner Journeys, Cosmic Sojourns: Life transforming stories, adventures and messages from a spiritual hypnotherapist’s casebook” Volumes 1 & 2 … A manual for living disguised as a book on reincarnation!
    Take a look, and don’t forget to review and share.

I travel, offer sessions and readings, and give lectures internationally. I live and work in the USA and Europe, mostly in Virginia these days; I offer programs and sessions on both coasts of the United States, and in Europe. This includes Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Spain and the Spanish Islands, Slovenia, England, and the USA. I live on the Earth, and love exploring, bicycling and photography.

I am open to exploring other areas too. Feel free to contact me to find out the latest schedule, or to help me to create one. – If you gather enough people (5 – 12 or more) for programs and individual sessions, I am willing to travel to you. I offer many topics, seminars and programs. Please ask.

Besides the spiritual journeys described within these web pages, please look at my other interests and offerings too! Web-links below.

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My Schedule for 2024 ... the year of the Dragon!

January – early June in Virginia
Basically, I winter in the USA, summer in Europe. How’s that for a plan?! For clients who I have seen before, we could use internet technology for a long distance session – zoom or Skype, especially useful for those who do not want to travel to Virginia or my other locations. Tarot and astrology sessions online too. Think about it!

January – June will find me mostly in Vinton, VA, next to Roanoke. Let me know what you would like.

15 March 2024 – 7 pm zoom … I shared some celestial insights about next year’s Saturn – Neptune alignment! … Here it is!
Spring 2024 – back in Vinton, VA
An Interview with a Soul Doula – Stephen Poplin. I had the pleasure of talking with Tia Renee, a near death devotee. Here it is:
18 – 22 April 2024 – Virginia Beach, VA.

I was interviewed by a Near Death Studies group, and read from my book on the subject of … Soul Level Contracts for Relationships. Here is the recording:

A special program on 20 April, afternoon, at the Fellowship Center. What’s up? The Jupiter – Uranus alignment. Let’s Tune In! We all had a very good time, with inspiration and music!
   Then … I gave the sermon at the Fellowship that Sunday, 21 April. Topic: “Peak Times”  … and here is the proof!

27 April Salem, Virginia, Metaphysical Expo! I displayed my books on Reincarnation and gave readings with Tarot or/and astrology. It went well! A hello from me – click!

April – June. Back in Vinton, Virginia (and other sessions in Roanoke)

1 May, 7 pm zoom eastern. I’m interviewed by psychic Christen McCormack … Stay tuned! Contact her for details about my June 1st workshop. or me,

4 May.  Playscape astrological planning Roanoke, VA, with Aphrodette North and I. It was successful.

The Fellowship Family Gathering 2024

Friday May 17 to Sunday May 19

My contribution: Ecclesiastes

*  click Here for more information!

28 May, 7 pm Pacific.  The Las Vegas NCGR has invited me to present, and my astrology topic is “Fine Tuning Rectification”. On zoom. Contact them to sign up at

1 June – Group Past Life experience. Hosted by Spirit School and Christen McCormack in Sperryville, VA … Stay tuned! Here they are on Facebook.

7 – 9 June. Body Mind Spirit Fest (at Unity Church in Roanoke!) I will be displaying my books on Reincarnation and giving readings with Tarot or astrology. Come on by and say Hi!

June.  Private sessions, including astrology and Tarot, past life regressions in Roanoke, VA, by appointment. Email

Summer 2024 – off to Europe!

25 – 26 June. Warsaw, Poland (a new country to explore!) Back in Europe and witnessing other points of view. Culture and exploration!

27 – 29 June. Krakow, Poland (It’s been on my list for a while!)

1 – 8 July. Vienna, Austria (one of my favorite cities!) Wien, Österreich! Hallo German speaking clients! Ich führe Sitzungen.

11 – 15 July. Hanover, Germany (on the trail!) Hallo German speaking clients! Ich führe Sitzungen. Schau mal! Hier klicken!

17 – 22 July. Freising, Germany (near Munich) Hallo German speaking clients! Ich führe Sitzungen. Already starting to fill up.

23 July to early August in Allgäu, Bavaria/ Bad Grönenbach … Optionen und Möglichkeiten für Sitzungen.

 August. Hmm, where shall I be? Germany or The Netherlands? Austria? (contact me if you would like me near you).

early September in Belgium and then a few days in Iceland!

11 September 2024  … back in Virginia, USA

   Check me out in Vinton, VA!

Contact Stephen for information and appointments. 515 708 7805

Stephen Poplin –

Video – one of my spiritual talks

VB IANDS (International Association for Near-Death Studies) Morning talk live-streamed at the ARE (association for research and enlightenment), “The Hypnosis Hypothesis” with Stephen Poplin, M.A. Waking from societal slumbers. See here: followed by an afternoon workshop “The Inter-Journey of the Soul”

Volume 2 of my book series is published!
Take a Look!

 Spiritual Expansion! I have added new material to another website with new features, including free downloads of my Summer and Winter Reveries. Take a look here –

My Schedule for 2019 included …

… Seattle, WA, Des Moines and Fairfield, Iowa, Boulder, CO, USA; Munich, Germany; Ljubljana, Slovenia; Switzerland, several cities in northern UK, and Vienna, Austria!

My Schedule for 2018 included …

… Seattle, WA, Washington DC, and Des Moines, Iowa, USA; Berchtesgaden and München, Bavaria; Hannover, Heidelberg, Germany; Ljubljana, Slovenia; and The Netherlands. Can’t forget Vienna, Austria!

My Schedule for 2017 included …

… Puebla, Mexico; Denver, CO, Seattle, WA, Boston, MA, Washington DC, and Des Moines, Iowa, USA; Berchtesgaden and Nürnberg, Bavaria; Hamburg, Germany; Ljubljana, Slovenia; and Croatia. I cannot forget my beloved Vienna, Austria!

My Schedule for 2016 included …

… Seattle, WA, San Francisco, CA, Portland, OR, Virginia Beach, VA, Asheville and Hendersonville, NC, and Des Moines, Iowa, USA; Thunersee, Switzerland; Bad Grönenbach, Bavaria; Vlotho just west of Hanover, Germany; Vlotho just west of Hanover, Germany; Ljubljana, Slovenia; and Croatia

My Schedule for 2015 included …

… Vienna, Austria; Venice, Italy; Passau, Hamburg, Berlin, Hanover, and Meersburg, Germany; Seattle, WA and Des Moines, Iowa, USA; Slovenia; and Croatia

My Schedule for 2014 included …

… Seattle, WA and Des Moines, Iowa, USA; Slovenia; Biel and Lucerne, Switzerland; Hamburg, Berlin, Hanover, Munich and Rühpolding Germany; Spain; Lienz and Vienna, Austria

blessings all around,

Stephen Poplin, M.A., CHT

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Phone in USA  +515 708 7805
Electronic mail: Stephen (at) transpersonal (dot) us

Though we travel the world over
to find the beautiful
we must carry it with us
or we find it not.
– Ralph Waldo Emerson

Make your own Conclusions. Make YOUR own conclusions. make Your Own conclusions!